There are at least 7 ways to stop the foreclosure process and keep your home. One of these may work for you. Marilyn will tell you about these.

There are also legal ways to slow the foreclosure process so you can remain in your home and accumulate some savings.  Ask Marilyn about your alternatives.

If you have to sell, a short sale can minimize the damage to your credit and in most cases, stop your lender from pursuing you for the delinquency created by a foreclosure. 

Lenders may PAY YOU as much as $3000 (or more) to do a short sale, rather than let your home go info foreclosure.   

IF you let your home go into foreclosure,  the lender(s) can still pursue you to recover their lossses. You DO NOT walk away from a foreclosure free and unencumbered.

Marilyn Allen has been extensively trained in helping people stay in their homes.  ONLY when that is no longer an option, does she recommend a short sale.


Over 70% of the individuals and families who lose their homes to foreclosure have NEVER TALKED TO A PROFESSIONAL who can help them.

  Don't let this be you!  Marilyn will not charge you to discuss your options.  She will not judge you -  She will not lie to you.  If her program will not work for you, she will tell you so, but in the vast number of cases, she can help.  The most important thing you can do is to reach out! 

 Give Marilyn 20 minutes to explain your options, and she just might change your future!


Please, contact her now, so she can help you. Delaying only lessens the chance of success.    


DO NOT PAY SOMEONE TO HELP YOU "MODIFY" YOUR LOAN.  If you qualifiy to do this, you can work directly with your lender at no charge.  I will tell you what the general qualifications for loan modification are.  Then you can work directly with your lender yourself.  Here are a couple of links to help you see if you qualify for either a refinance or a loan modification under one of the new government programs. 


DO NOT SIGN OVER INTEREST IN YOUR HOME to someone claiming to be an "investor" who will secure a short sale for you.  Once you sign over interest, you lose entire control of the transaction.  I will NEVER ask you to do this as it is absolutely not in your best interest.

DO NOT MOVE OUT OF YOUR HOME.  Foreclosure can be a lengthy process with many legal notices.  I will explain this process to you.  Once you move out of your home, you may lose eligibility for some of the new government programs that are available to homeowners that may actually PAY YOU to complete a short sale.

DO NOT STICK YOU HEAD IN THE SAND AND PRETEND THIS PROBLEM WILL GO AWAY.  IT WON'T.  I can only help you if you contact me.  Call me at 303-332-6166 for a no cost consultation.

Marilyn has taken extensive training to help people avoid foreclosure.  She recently was designated a Certified Distressed Property Expert.   Like her fellow CDPE's she is committed to solving the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time. 

Life AFTER foreclosure and life WITHOUT foreclosure is vastly different.  

Marilyn understands how stressed and overwhelmed you must be feeling.  Call her or email her now so you can begin creating your new future.

Marilyn Allen - 303-332-6166