There are many lenders advertising in newspapers and on the internet, however, along with some really good ones, there are lenders who should not be in the business at all!   An unscrupulous lender can wreak havoc with your personal financial life, destroying credit and even stealing your identity, to say nothing of making your home purchase a lot more expensive than it needs to be!  A competent lender can save you time and money, educate you, advise you and make your transaction a pleasure.  While interest rates and fees are very important, don't choose your lender SOLELY on those considerations.

I work with and refer several extremely competitive, competent, honest Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers who will take excellent care of you and your real estate transaction.  There are over 60 different kinds of loan programs, and some lenders are better at one type of program than another.  Some folks are great at Bond programs, others at VA or FHA.  Still others have expertise in the Conventional market.  Using the right loan program can save you thousands!  Once I understand your needs, I can refer you to the best person for the job.  Feel free to contact me at: homesbyma@gmail.com or by phone at  303 332 6166 



May I suggest a great and honest lender?

There is a huge difference in loan officers. Some will make your loan process as painless as possible. Others will promise the world, collect up front fees, then decline your loan or change the terms at the last minute, sometimes even costing you your earnest money. The lenders I recommend have EARNED my trust, through many smooth and successful transactions.

To best help you, I need to know.....