SELLERS WHO MAY BE STRUGGLING TO KEEP THEIR HOMES....THERE'S HELP HERE!  Take a look at this short video by Marilyn Allen.  Get acquainted with her. She can help!

Today, millions of homeowners are struggling to stay current on their mortgages, often going seriously into debt and draining savings to do so, only to realize they have lost their battle, their savings and are getting even further behind with their lender.  THERE ARE OPTIONS, but only if you take action. A professional short sale may help avoid foreclosure and salvage credit. 

 Nearly 70% of the homeowners who lose their homes to foreclosure HAVE NEVER TALKED WITH A PROFESSIONAL who may be able to help them.  DON'T LET THIS BE YOU.

Marilyn has taken extensive training so that she can help people who are in your situation. Her primary goal is ALWAYS to help someone keep their home and stay out of foreclosure.  Most likely her first suggestion will be to try for a Loan Modification and she will offer guidance on how to apply with the current lender.  If she can help a person keep his/her home without foreclosure or a short sale, she knows the goodwill and word of mouth advertising MORE than compensates her in referrals and future business. 

Her first objective is ALWAYS to help you keep your home.  Only if that's not possible, does she suggest the option of a short sale.  A short sale is a transaction in which the lender agrees to take the proceeds of the sale as payment in full of the first lien on your property, and release you from any further collections.  Generally she is successful with 2nd mortgages as well.

If your home goes into foreclosure, the lender(s) can still pursue you for dificiencies on both the first and second mortgages for up to 7 years.  You do not walk away free, simply because you lose your home.  Foreclosure has serious financial consequences, in addition to devastating your credit.

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Marilyn can help, but only if you contact her.  DO NOT WAIT.  Chances of success are much greater the more time she has.  Call her (303-332-6166) or email her ( NOW.