ReMax Unlimited @ Cherry Creek Reservoir is there for sellers needing to execute a short sale Aurora, Colorado

Are you ready to short sell your home?

Not sure what a short sale is? A short sale is when you owe more than what the house will possibly sell for. This may be due to many factors, but most commonly is a result of a rapidly declining housing market.

Short sales could be a way for homeowners to preclude foreclosure and pay off their loan with the lender by settling.


Take a look at this short video and then contact Marilyn.  She offers many tools to help you avoid foreclosure - some may even allow you to stay in your home, or receive up to $3000 when you complete the short sale. 


Steps to a successful short sale:

Over 90% of the people who lose their homes to foreclosure have NEVER sought help from a professional?  Please, don't let this be you.  Marilyn can help.

Your first step should be to contact Marilyn.  Her consultation is free, and she will discuss your situation, obtain information about your lender(s), and determine the approximate value of your home.  She may suggest that you contact your lender yourself, to discuss your options. She will also explain the general process of a short sale.  However, the best next move may be to contact your lender directly.  A loan modification may be possible.   

DO NOT pay anyone to help you with a Loan Modification! If modifying your loan is a possibility, you will need to work directly with your lender youself, however, Marilyn has assisted many people as they try to accomplish this, and she will offer her expertise to you at no cost.  She does not DO the loan modification for you, she only shares her expertise.  If someone offers, to "do" your loan modification for you for a fee, RUN!  This is usually a scam.

If Marilyn feels you are a potential candidate for a short sale, or if there apprear to be alternatives you have not yet explored, she will set an appointment with you (approximately an hour, depending on your questions).  Marilyn ONLY receives compensation when she successfully completes a short sale for you.  If there are other alternatives, and she is able to help you keep your home, her only request is that you refer to everyone you know who may be buying or selling, so she is compensated for the help she has provided to you. 

Marilyn has undertaking rigorous training through the Distressed Property Institute and is a Certified Distressed Property Expert.  Statistics indicate that the success rate for a short sale with a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) is over 80%.  With agents who do not have this training, the success rate is closer to 20%.  Very few Brokers know how to successfully complete short sales.  Choose a Broker, like Marilyn, who is well trained and experienced. 
When it's time to sell your house, Marilyn Allen atReMax Unlimited @ Cherry Creek Reservoir is ready. Take advantage of her experience and knowledge of the local real estate market in Aurora to sell your home quickly. Contact her today.


Marilyn will consider fees like title report, appraisal, escrows, property taxes, and agent commissions to calculate your final costs upon closing.  These are fees that you WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY.  Most, if not all costs of sale are paid by your lender.  The goal is to have you walk away from the transaction with your dignity in place and little or no money out of your pocket.  In fact, it may be possible for you to get up to $3000 for completing the short sale...sometimes even more. 

Finally, along with Marily, contact your lender and notify them of your situation. They may even have a particular team that manages short sales. Ask about their specific steps. Some lenders will be more inclined to work with you than others. They may be able to lessen the amount owed or make other arrangements. Your lender will have to give consent for the final sale.

Are you at the end of your rope?

Marilyn can help. There are at least 7 ways to keep your home out of foreclosure and Marilyn has worked with all of them. Contact her for a FREE, confidential consultation. Don't wait - she can't help if you don't contact her.

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