If a new home is on your wish list, having Marilyn as your Buyers Broker can be invaluable. Remember, the host in the sales office is working for the builder, not you! While generally very helpful and knowledgeable, they cannot help you compare the reputations, options, inclusions, features, neighborhoods and financing terms offered by their competitors.

Most new home builders realize that buyers want their own advocate and nearly all of them will pay the Buyer Brokage fee IN FULL.  You get  representation at absolutely no cost to you!

TEN REASONS YOU NEED Marilyn Allen as your Buyer's Agent

when buying new home construction---

1.  With more than 20 years experience, she knows which builders have good reputations and staying power.  . 

2.  Marilyn can often negotiate a better price and terms than you could on your own.  She negotiates more real estate transactions in a month than most buyers and sellers do in their entire lives!

3.  Marilyn can help you compare builders, their products and value-for-dollar.

4.  Marilyn may be able to find you a recently completed resale home offering the features you want but at a lower price.

5.  Marilyn can assist you with financing other than that provided by the builder.  The builder's financing package may not the best fit for you. 

6.  Marilyn can educate you so that you make the best decisions possible about your new home.

7.  Options?  Marilyn can counsel you on the best way to add options.  Does it make more sense to pay an inflated price for builder options or use outside sources after closing. 

8.  Marilyn can help you evaluate past and future appreciation in the neighborhoods you are considering.  She has access to all MLS statics.

9.  Builder contracts, unlike the standard contracts approved by the real estate commission, are written by the builders attorneys to protect builders' interests only.  Marilyn can point out potential minefields.

10.  Marilyn knows which builder's fees are customary and fair, and while are purely added profit. 

Looking for a great Realtor and Broker?

Marilyn is gentle with her clients and a tenacious negotiator when she's in your corner.

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