In Colorado, our standard real estate contract is approximately 13 pages long, BEFORE addendum.  Although the real estate commission's goal was to write the contract is "easily understood language", many buyers simply find the detail and legal wording simply overwhelming.

When you hire Marilyn as your Buyers' Agent, she will provide you with a sample, blank contract to review, comfortably and with as much time as you'd like, prior to making an offer.  Offer time is stressful enough, without the added confusion over legal terms. 

The standard contract used by licenses Realtors in Colorado is one that has been prepared by the Real Estate Commission and the Realtor is simply allowed to "fill in the blanks" of the legal document.  Of course, an experienced Realtor like Marilyn can fill in those blanks in such a way as to make the contract much more favorable to her client than to the other party. 

The contracts used by New Home Builders, however, are a different story.  They have been prepared by the builders' attorneys and they are written to be totally to the builder's advantage.  While it is often difficult to get terms changed, Marilyn can point out terms and conditions that are less than favorable to her buyers, so the buyer can be aware of additional charges they may be incurring from standard purchase expenses, or additional potential for loss or forfeiture of deposits, which are often VERY SIZABLE in builder contracts.  It's more important than ever to have professional representation when working with a new home builder, and Marilyn usually can represent you at no additional charge, so long as she accompanies you to the project on YOUR VERY FIRST VISIT. 

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