For those who qualify, a VA loan of one of the most favorable loans available.  Not only can you buy with NO MONEY DOWN, but credit guidelines and debt to income ratios are more lenient.  Chances are, you've earned the right to this VA benefit. Let's see if you're eligible.

If you are eligible for a VA loan it is a well-earned benefit for those who have served our country.  The VA loan is designed to help those who qualify buy a personal residence in habitable condition.  The most important benefit is a zero-down loan for your purchase, although there are some additional closing costs involved, much like renting an apartment.  Often a smart Realtor/Broker like Marilyn Allen can get some or most of those costs paid on your behalf.   In addition, certain properties will not qualify for VA financing.  Marilyn can usually recognize ineligible homes right away, so you don’t lose money on appraisal and inspection, only to get the loan declined. 

Making a final determination of whether you are eligible for a VA Loan is complicated, but general requirements are one of the following:

·         Served on active duty after Sept 15, 1940 and discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. 

·         Served at least 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard

·         Surviving spouses

·         There’s a whole class of people who have received veteran status over the years, making them eligible for the VA Loan Guaranty.  This broad category often includes:  Public Health Officials, Military service academy cadets, some merchant seamen, NOAA officials and scores of others.

IMPORTANT MISCONCEPTION:  Many veterans believe they can use their VA benefits only once.  Untrue!  Under certain conditions you can use your VA benefit repeatedly. Your experienced VA Realtor/Broker can help you with this. 

To find out if you qualify, just contact me.  We’ll review your situation with a qualified VA Loan specialist and get right back to you. 

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We also need your Dates of service and Branch, date of birth, date of discharge.