When selecting the Real Estate Broker who will represent you in what is probably the largest financial transaction of your life, you obviously want to make the best choice.  The right Broker can make a huge difference in both your experience and in your pocketbook.

Its scary, but some people spend less time selecting their Broker than they do picking out their next vacation spot!  Hiring the guy who worked next to you that "did real estate part time" or  your neighbor's nephew who just started in the business and "needs a deal" could be costly.  Would you hire an attorney who couldn't make a living in her/his profession?  Why would you EVER choose a part time Broker?

Check your potential Broker's experience and credentials.  What designations and training do they have?  Certified Residential Specialists make up less than 10% of the total real estate community, and they are the cream of the crop in terms of education, experience and competence.  The CRS designation is considered the PhD in Real Estate.  Seeking a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) is a great first step. 

Go to your potential Broker's personal web site.  The experienced and successful Brokers will have a great personal web site - newby's not so much.  A great personal web site will draw traffic and buyers to your home!

Ask for references and a resume.  Most agents don't offer a resume because they don't have much to put in it.  Would you hire anyone for an important job that DIDN'T offer you a resume?  Why would you hire a Broker without one? 

Finally, take a look at this short video that discusses the 5 Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make when Selecting an Agent.  Then contact Marilyn!  303-332-6166, your Real Estate Advisor for Life!


May I Send You My Resume?

I'm proud of my accomplishments, my experience and my expertise. As anyone applying for a job would do, I proudly offer my resume. Feel free to compare my resume with any others you might receive. I hope you'll be impressed!

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